Affiliates Introduction

Manufacturing Sector

COSMO Chemical is a global leader and supplier of eco-friendly chemical products,
and the only titanium dioxide (TiO2) manufacturer in Korea with the best quality
and technology.
COSMO Chemical will enhance customer satisfaction and shareholders’ values through
continuous R&D and investments and become a chemical manufacturer that contributes
to the development of the nation.

  • Establishment Date February 1968
  • Head Office Ulsan
  • Mainline 052.231.6700

COSMO AM&Tis a company dealing with advanced materials. We manufacture and sell
cathode materials for secondary batteries, that are receiving the limelight for their uses
in ESS/electric and autonomous vehicles, release films for MLCC, a key component for
semiconductors and electric and electronic devices, and the toners for after-market.
In addition, all staffs are working hard to achieve management goals of ‘the world’s
cleanest factories,’ ‘the highest productivity,’ and ‘the best quality’ and to maximize
the customer satisfaction and shareholders’ values.
We promise to strengthen our stature as a competitive material company equipped with
leading core technology that becomes a driving force of the growth, and to become
a global leader through our continuous R&D and investment.

  • Establishment Date May 1967
  • Head Office Chungju
  • Mainline 043.850.1114

COSMO Catalystsis a chemical company dedicated to solving the challenging modern
social issues on life and the environment and improving the quality of life.
We intend to become a company that addresses and researches various areas from air
purification to water quality improvement, dental care, life improvement, construction
technology development, and fire safety.

  • Establishment Date May 1987
  • Head Office Cheongju
  • Mainline 043.270.0033